Sex Self is an exhibition based around the release of MSEA  new song Sex Self. Themes discussed are a disconnection to one’s sensuality and body.https://

The video for this song was directed and created by Katerina Blahutova (DVDJ NNS) and Claire Paugam —Together, Claire, MSEA, and Katla have curated this exhibition based around themes and concept of the video and song.

Artists involved are:
Kristín Morthens
Therese Precht Vadum
Þröstur Dosty Valgarðsson
Emilie Mørkeberg Dalum
Claire Paugam
Katla Katla

Program of the opening night:

6.30pm performance
7pm performance
8pm performance piece by Þröstur Dosty Valgarðsson
8.30pm performance

Performances by MSEA and guests:
Sunna Fridjons
Zofia Tomczyk
El Odderiño


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